About Xiwang

Xiwang Group Company Limited was founded in 1986, is a deep processing of corn and special steel industry, investment in the home, beverage, logistics, thermoelectric and many other industries of the large industrial enterprise. In 2011 384, China's top 500 enterprises in China manufacturing industry 500 strong the 207, holding sugar ( Hongkong 002088 ), West food (Shenzhen 000639), West Steel ( Hongkong 1266 ) three listing Corporation, in 2006 May, 2010 August by the China Food Industry Association crown " Chinese sugar ( glucose ) ", " China corn oil ".

The company mainly produces fructose, oligosaccharides, edible and medicinal glucose, fructose syrup, sodium gluconate, maltodextrin, corn oil, steel and other. Leading products into the international market, the consumption of glucose, corn oil, anhydrous glucose, maltodextrin production scale is the largest in asia. Now has total assets of 21350000000 yuan, worker 14000 more than person. In 2011, achieve sales revenue 23240000000 yuan, profit tax 2028000000 yuan, hand in taxes 810000000 yuan, respectively year-on-year growth of 38.7%, 37.3%, 70.9%. In 2012 1-6 month, achieve sales revenue 11020000000 yuan, profit tax 723000000 yuan, hand in taxes 354000000 yuan. Won the "national organization of Party of advanced basic level ", " national key agricultural industrialization leading enterprises ", " national environmental friendly enterprise ", " National Torch Plan key high-tech enterprise ", " national starch sugar industry the first ", " China light industrial fermentation industry top ten enterprises ", " Chinese food industry hundred enterprises" the title. West Village in 2010 May successfully hosted the first China economic strong village civilization of spirit of informal discussion, the construction of new socialist countryside walk in the forefront of the country, won the "national civilized village ", " national democracy demonstration village ", " Chinese economy ten strong village ", " Chinese economy 100 strong villages eighth " and so on. Secretary of the Party committee, chairman Comrade Wang Yong is the Shandong Provincial People's Congress, China Township Enterprises Association vice president, China Food Industry Association vice president, China Fermentation Industry Association, vice chairman, Shandong Province Food Industry Association vice president, the vice president of the Federation of enterprises in Shandong Province, Binzhou Private Enterprise Association, was awarded the " national labor model ", " national township entrepreneurs ", " outstanding Chinese private entrepreneurs ", " outstanding contribution to the development of prefectural region economy character ", " China ten outstanding village", " the Shandong 100 for the founding of new China, construction to make outstanding contribution of heroes and models " and the glorious title.